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getting around in Granada

How to travel within Granada

article Do you know the times of the Granada airport bus?
There is a regular bus service between the...

(No rating)  9-24-2007    Views: 22194   
article How can I get from Granada to Salobreņa?
You can use the link below to find the...

  2-24-2010    Views: 8617   
article How do I get from the airport to the centre of Granada?
The airport is about 25km outside of Granada....

  12-4-2006    Views: 72357   
article Is it possible to rent bicycles in Granada?
Yes, you can rent bicycles in Plaza Nueva for...

(No rating)  6-29-2008    Views: 10607   
article Is there a shuttle service from Granada airport for groups?
There is a meet and greet service. You are met...

(No rating)  11-22-2007    Views: 22607   
article Tell me about taxis in Granada
The best page with everything you want to know...

  12-4-2006    Views: 28198   
article What are the prices of buses in Granada.
Price of Buses in Granada Spain...

  4-20-2008    Views: 14350   
article Where can I book a Segway tour in Granada
Segway is now very popular in Granada and you...

(No rating)  8-2-2015    Views: 3622   
article Where can I hire a wheel chair in Granada?
It is possible to borrow a wheelchair from the...

  1-8-2009    Views: 10378   
article Where can I park in Granada?
Granada has a population of about 250 000...

  12-4-2006    Views: 41788   

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