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I am staying in a hotel in Plaza Nueva do you know where I can go for a run?

Granada is hilly.

Granada is quite hilly.
The below is the route that will most easilly take you away from traffic and has good views.

Go to the end of Plaza Nueva.
Follow the river.

After the big area of bar terraces you follow the road round to the left (cuesta chapiz) Then take the first right into Camino de Sacromonte.

If you go up the squiggly road you will get to the Sacromonte Abbey.

It is quite a climb

If you just go straight on instead of going to the abbey you will go increasingly into the countryside and there won't be many cars to bother you. Turn back when you have done half your run.


Get on the minibus that goes round the Albaicín.

(it passes Plaza Nueva every 15 minutes) Come back to where you started. (it is a circular bus)

Then get out and run where you have just been on the bus.

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