The 10 highest mountains in Spain

The highest mountain in the Iberian Peninsular (Spain and Portugal) is Mulhacen but the highest mountain in Spanish territory is the Teide in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The teide is 3,718 metres above sea level. It is a volcano, the last time it erupted was in 1909.

List of mountains in Spain
Name Range Altitude (m)   Prominence (m) Provincia
Teide Canary Islands  3718   3718 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Mulhacén Sierra Nevada 3479   3285 Granada
Pico Aneto Pirineos  3404   2812 Huesca
Veleta Sierra Nevada 3398   315 Granada
Posets o Llardana Pirineos  3375   1142 Huesca
Alcazaba Sierra Nevada 3371   176 Granada
Monte Perdido Pirineos  3355   999 Huesca
Pico Maldito (es) Pirineos 3350   20 Huesca
Pico Espadas Pirineos 3332   107 Huesca
Cilindro o Cilindro de Marboré (es) Pirineos 3328   251 Huesca