Going for a Hike in Granada. How to find walks.

The province of Granada is a paradise for hikers. There are mountain walks, coastal walks, walks with history and culture to name just a few.

Hiking in the Sierra Nevada
Hiking in the Sierra Nevada with some South Africans who saw snow for the first time.


Free Non Commercial Hikes

If you have your own transport  you can download gpx tracks from several sources on internet and load the gpx track into your smartphone.  Here are some places where you can find free gpx tracks. 

Wikiloc: Probably the largest respository of uploaded free tracks on internet. There are hundreds of track in the province of Granada. Some of them have comments in English. Click here

Walkingroup.com This is a fairly new site for the organisation of walking groups. There are 3 walking groups with repositories of gpx files in the province of Granada.

Granada City: A list of walks for people staying in the city of Granada.  It is not necesary to have transport if you are staying in the city of Granada. Click here

Senderismo en Granada: Walks in the province of Granada. You will need your own transport to get to the start of the walks. Click here

Sexisenderistas: This is the tracks of a walking group based in Almuñecar on the coast. It is not a swingers club the name comes from Sexi which was the Roman name for Almuñecar.  Click here


Commercial Hikes.

Cahorros de Monachil Hike This is one of the best known hikes near to Granada. It is about 12km and follows a mountain river.  Click here

To see the vocabulary of hiking in Spanish Click Here