Do you know any fun facts about Spain?


What is the population of Spain?
Around 48 million depending on your source.

What is the second largest city in Spain?
Barcelona, has approximately 1.6 million inhabitants. Madrid is the largest with over 3.2 million.

Which word in Spanish has all the vowels?
Murcielago which means bat. abuelito (grandpa). There are actually over 400 words which contain all 5 vowels.

When did the Moorish Muslim armies from North Africa invade Spain?
In the 8th century, nearly all of the Iberian Peninsula was conquered (711–718) by largely Moorish Muslim armies from North Africa.

What is the longest river in Spain?
The Ebro is the longest river in Spain, it is 578 miles or 930 KM long.

What is the first thing most Spaniards do in the first few seconds of a new year?
They eat 12 grapes. One grape for every toll of the bell.

How many surnames do Spanish people have?
They have two. The first one is the first surname of the father and the second surname is the first surname of the mother.

What are the first three words of the Spanish national anthem?
Trick question. The Spanish national anthem has no words.

What is the highest mountain in Spain?
Mount Teide is a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain, its summit is 3,718 metres high which is the highest point in Spain. The highest mountain in mainland Spain is Mulhacen in the Sierra Nevada at 3,479 metres.

What languages do they speak in Spain?
99 % of the population speak castilian Spanish, 19% speak Catalan, 6% speak Gallego, 6% Valenciano and 3% Euskera (basque)

Which types of fossil fuel for cars can you get in Spain?
Sin Plomo 95 = Regular Unleaded
Sin Plomo 98 = Premium Unleaded
Gasóleo = Diesel

How old must you be to drive in Spain?
You need to be at least 18 years old to drive in Spain and 21 to hire a car.

What is the official religion of Spain?
Spain has no official religion. The Spanish Constitution of 1978 abolished the Roman Catholic Church as the official state religion, while recognizing the role it plays in Spanish society. As of 2018, 68.5% of the population define themselves as Catholic, 26.4% as non-believers or atheists, and 2.6% other religions.

What is a Saint's day?
A saint's day is a day of the year on which a particular saint is remembered. Each day is the saint's day of one or more saints. For example the 5th of September is San Lorenzo. You may hear someone say “Hoy es el día de mi santo,” (“Today, is my saint’s day”) This means that their own name is the same as the saint's day. This would be about as important as it being your birthday and there could be some sort of celebration.

Who was Franco?
Franco (4 December 1892 – 20 November 1975) was the dictator of Spain after the Spanish civil war. He ruled from 1939, until his death in 1975.

What is the phone prefix for Spain?
It is +34. Most mobile phone numbers start with a 6. Fixed phone numbers start with a 9. For example Madrid is 91 Barcelona is 93.

What is the life expectancy in Spain?
With a life expectancy of 83 years, Spain comes second only after Japan. Spanish women live longer than men: 85 compared to 79 years.

What is RENFE?
The name "Renfe" is the name of the Spanish national rail network. RENFE is an acronym of Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles — National Network of Spanish Railways.

What is the ITV for vehicles?
ITV is an acronym of "inspección técnica de vehículos". (technical inspection of vehicles) All vehicles on Spanish roads have to periodically pass a technical test to prove their safety and road worthiness. If you pass the test they give you a plastic sticker to display on your vehicle. The tests happen at a specialized government run ITV testing centers. Before the test you have to book an appointment.