The present continuous in Spanish.

The present continous is used to speak about what is happening right now.
Juan está cantando - Juan is singing
Carmen está bailando. - Carmen is dancing
Pepe y Susana están leyendo. - Pepe and  Susana are reading.

It is formed with the correct tense of the verb estar (to be) and the gerund.

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This is how we form the gerund in Spanish. The gerund is the "ing" after verbs.

  • -ar verbs: -ando

Examples: hablando ("speaking"); cantando ("singing"); bailando ("dancing")

  • -er verbs: -iendo

Examples: bebiendo ("drinking"); leyendo (with spelling change; "reading"); comprendiendo ("understanding")

  • -ir verbs: -iendo

Examples: viviendo ("living"); sintiendo (with stem-vowel change; "feeling"); escribiendo ("writing")

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