Mobile Phone companies in Spain

Here is a list of mobile phone companies in Spain.

Which is the best?
It is a very competetive market and it is easy to change companies so the prices and conditions of all compnaies are fairly similar.

A few years ago the Spanish government introduced "portabilidad" which stopped companies blocking you when you want to leave them.

What do you use?
I use movistar illimitado because it has multisim and unlimited data.
I use Simyo for an extra sim card which I use for an extra whatsapp number. With Simyo you can have a sim card almost for free and you only have to top it up with 1 euro every 3 months.

Here is a list of the Spanish mobile phone operators with links to their websites.

Yoigo ES






In theory by law you have to provide  id when you purchase any SIM in Spain.
Most people in Spain use whatsapp to communicate with each other.

Essential Spanish:
Pay as you go - Prepago
Use the internet - Navegar