Guided Tours of Granada Cathedral

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Granada Cathedral


Guided tour to the Cathedral of Granada

Description:  We are back to 1492, a year of inflexion whose importance is capital to understand the historical future. This year started the great Christian constructive projects in the symbolical city of Granada thanks to the Catholic Monarchs and then the great king Charles V. Then we will head to the Cathedral to see the place where some of the best artist in the Spanish Renaissance worked and left their art pieces. In fact the Cathedral of Granada is one of the most important buildings in the Art History Catholic World.  

Guided tour: the Cathedral and Royal Chapel of Granada

Description:  A guided visit around the interiors of the Royal Chapel and Cathedral as you’ve never seen them before. You’ll be guided around the most impressive Gothic and Renaissance monuments in Andalusia by experts who are specialists in Granada. The Cathedral of Granada, built on the site of the former Great Mosque, is a grandiose monument of 16th century architecture and an imposing symbol of the power of Christendom. Alongside it is the smaller but equally beautiful Royal Chapel, home to the tombs of the Catholic Kings and the final resting places of Juana la Loca and Felipe el Hermoso. We’ll examine the symbols of these magnificent monuments from a historical, political and architectural perspective and their significance in a city that was creating a new identity for itself. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the Cathedral and Royal Chapel with your own private group.

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