Basic facts about the Spanish Parliament.

The Spanish parliament consists of 2 chambers.

These are collectively called "los cortes generales" (the general courts) 

The two chambers are: 
The senate: "Senado"  (higher chamber) 


The congress of deputies "Congreso de los Diputados" (lower chamber) 

The Congress of Deputies meets in the Palacio de las Cortes, and the Senate meets in the separate Palacio del Senado, both located in Madrid.

The Cortes Generales are composed of 616 members: 350 Deputies and 266 Senators.

The members of the Cortes Generales serve four-year terms, and they are representatives of the Spanish people.  In both chambers, the seats are divided by constituencies that correspond with the fifty provinces of Spain, plus Ceuta and Melilla. However, the Canary and Balearic islands form different constituencies in the Senate.